Wedding trends may come and go, but the Boondocks, conveniently located in Youngsville, NC, still retains the classic charm for which the South is renowned, while incorporating contemporary accents. This combination of “something old and something new” makes the Boondocks the perfect setting for a wedding.

Considered one of the most celebrated wedding venues in the area, it’s easy to see why so many brides and grooms searching for Wake Forest wedding venues choose the Boondocks as their venue. While there may be several other beautiful Wake Forest wedding venues in the area, none off the rustic elegance and sophisticated amenities that are found at the Boondocks.

If you’re an engaged couple who is searching for a venue that is able to accommodate the latest wedding trends, the Boondocks is the place for you. Here are three of the latest wedding trends that Boondocks is proud to be able to accommodate.

Rustic charm
The country-chic wedding trend isn’t just confined to the South, but has spread like wildfire across the country. Many couples are choosing to combine elements of elegant, traditional wedding ceremonies with a more casual, laid back vibe. This is reflected in the decor as well as personal details, such as mason jar mugs as glasses. Due to its historic architecture which features exposed brick and restored wood floors, the Boondocks is the perfect venue for couples considering this theme.

Exotic and innovative meal ideas
Food has always brought people together, especially at weddings. Now, brides and grooms are incorporating flavors from other cultures with their own personal or family recipes. It’s now common to foods from the Far East such as pad thai on wedding menus in addition to beer-garden-inspired craft brews and fare. Whatever your needs and desires are, the fully-functional kitchen allows your caterer to prepare your menu with ease.

The third dress
It’s common for brides to change out of the dress they wear for their ceremony into something a little less formal for the reception. Now, many brides are changing into a third dress for the late night festivities and after-parties that keep the excitement of the day going. The Boondocks provides a bridal dressing room for the bride and her bridesmaids in order to make getting ready for for the day, evening, or night easy.

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